Updates and Announcements 4.15.2019

         This will be my first official post on this site since December. I promise I will make a greater attempt to stave my introversion.

          Currently, my goal is to have To Save a Life completed sometime in June. To be honest, I am not confident in this time frame. While I would like to get the book done by then, I still need to go through around six more rounds of edits and revisions. While I have not been posting much, I have been working on my novel and looking for work.

Last Friday was my first day on the job. I got offered a better paying job but missed out on it twice. If I do get the job, I can only work the third shift because the only other shift impedes on the Sabbath. My current job wanted me to work second shift, which also impedes on the Sabbath. I turned them down initially, however, the very next day a spot for first shift became available. Thank God. Please pray for me, ask God to encourage me to work for whichever company he knows is best.

While looking for work I wasn’t lounging around all day waiting to hear back from the temp services or the companies I applied to. I revisited the reasons I wanted to write in the first place. I read a book on how to run an online business and I am currently reading a book on making my writing better.

My eyes have been focused on work and writing that sometimes I forget God. Sometimes, I forget to ask Him for help or thank Him for sustaining my life every morning. I am wretched and poor. I am starving but my eyes aren’t on the things that will fill me. I need a savor to free me from my binds. Please, pray for me.

In my search for motivation to keep writing, I keep coming back to the same conclusion. Writing is my way of sharing Biblical concepts with others, aside from Bible Studies and outreach. However, in my day to day life, I tend to focus more of my time on politics, social issues, outrage media, and games.

For instance, why should I care about gaming news if I have no interest in playing the games the people I am listening to are talking about? I stand with Vic but I do not need more than twenty minutes a day on new developments or updates. Mobile games wastes time and a ton of money, I should not be spending hours grinding in a game when I have more important matters to tend to.

Through prayer and reflection, I am beginning to cut back on the things that keep me from God. I have been writing for five years now and have only a handful of stories to show for it. Please, pray for me. I need a change. I need God.