Updates and Announcements 1/11/2018

It is a new year. A new year to start fresh. A new year to do things new. A new year to dread going back to school. The winter school semester has begun and I am a full-time student.

I must say, however, it’s not fun. Today is the third day back and I am already struggling. I don’t know how to juggle ministry work, student life, personal life, and a writing life. Nevertheless, this will be the semester I learn how.

With a new year, comes new challenges. The hard drive containing my novel stopped functioning properly. None of the fixes on the internet helps and I have no other digital copy of my novel. When it was working, I printed off most of the chapters. And the remaining chapters are handwritten.

I am editing the story while typing it all over again. This time, I am backing-up each chapter I retype. However, I don’t know how much this will affect its development.

Last year, I promised to write a short story each month. With school and the dilemma regarding To Save a Life, I have not had time to even think of anything else. Regardless, I gave my word. I will do everything in my power to keep it.

Another thing I promised was the continued study of the book of John. With everything on my plate, I cannot tell you when the next study will be made available. There is something God is teaching me through His word and through His Spirit. I cannot set this aside to study the Gospel of John instead. I will attempt to make time for both, however.

Remember, every day is a good day because every day you have a chance to capitalize on yesterday.