Updates and Announcements 12/13/2017

America is becoming more and more mad by the day. If it isn’t a shooting, then it’s someone being accused of rape and or molestation. I’m currently looking at the cake shop incident. If it were me in his situation, then I too would refuse that type of service. I’m not going to lift my hand to indirectly support a cause I disagree with. Regardless of what the law says, for a Christian, the law of the Holy Bible is above all.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s talk about NaNoWriMo. Last month, I’ve got a lot done. Not enough, but most of the story has been written. Three fifths to be accurate. In this month of December, I plan to complete the first draft. Then, in January, begin revising.

A week before November ended, an article of news reached my ears. I began to learn about Net Neutrality and whether or not we should keep it. Of course, we should keep it! Since there were no protests in my area at the time I decided to host one. Most of my attention went to that and the novel suffered. I’ve left classes halfway through to organize this protest. Last week, I cut class entirely to attend all three protests in my area.

Now that Dec. 7 has passed, I plan to make this novel the focus of my attention. No more playing around. John isn’t the primary book of the Holy Bible I am currently studying, but I want to finish what I started. A Christian blog should have more posts about Christ.

The next issue I would like to discuss is the release date for To Save a Life. The current date of release will stand, for now. However, it might get pushed back. There is a lot of revising that needs to be done. Editing will be a nightmare. When the Winter semester begins, I will be a full-time student and have less time for this. Nevertheless, I will do everything I can to make that deadline.

In one of my posts, I said that I was working on a short story. After much consideration, I have decided to scrap it. It does not align with a principle that I want to keep. Nevertheless, Writing.com sent me a cool calendar with 12 writing prompts – one for each day of the year. I may not use those prompts, but I will again attempt to write a short story every month next year.

Remember, every day is a good day because every day you have a chance to capitalize on yesterday.