Updates and Announcements 10/2/2017

I apologize for posting irregularly. I’m just not a chatty person. It’s hard work to work up the courage to simply write these posts. Usually, I’m not fond of talking about the things I do in private. Because you know, I’m doing them in private.

While I was away I’ve been going through changes. For a very long time, I have been depressed and borderline suicidal. While I was away I’ve been trying to become happy. Writing is not only my passion, it’s how I express myself and tell stories that I myself would like to hear. However, I also enjoy other creative pursuits.

In my time away, I’ve been learning how to draw again. The last time I took drawing seriously was in Elementary School. Back then a friend and I wrote and sold comics. I’ve been trying to find and do things that make me happy. I despise opening up about my private life because if the things I do in private become about other people, all of the enjoyment would be sucked out. Just writing this is making me depressed. I can imagine ways people can use this information against me.

Besides my private life becoming busier, my public life has been following the same trend. Fall Semester has already begun at my college. I’m only a part-time student this semester but my school will consume even more of my time next semester.

When I’m not studying for class, I can be found reading a book, – currently, I’m reading Great Christian Hymn Writers by Jane Stuart Smith & Betty Carlson – studying the Bible, or writing. One of the reasons I’ve been on a hiatus is because recently I’ve been enjoying writing. I’m still only outlining my novel To Save a Life but I’m enjoying outlining.

I’ve been scared to write on my blog or upload a video to YouTube because that’s public. Anyone can see it, hate it, criticize it, like it, or worse ask for more of it. But I hate the idea of becoming a coward. I’ll find time to upload videos and write on this site more often.

Most of what I wanted to say has been said, but I intentionally left out one little detail for the very end. I’ve been studying the mechanics of the NaNoWriMo website. I’ve also bookmarked important dates from the NaNoWriMo website onto my Google calendar. I’ve been doing this because this year I will be participating in NaNoWriMo. After editing the outline for To Save a Life I’ll need to edit it once more, then I will be ready to begin writing. I’ve already taken steps to commission an artist to draft the cover of To Save a Life. It’s been a long journey, but we’re almost there.