Updates and Announcements 6/1/2017

The first thing I want to discuss is this website. I’m not moving to a new URL again but I will be making changes to the design of this website and updating some outdated pages. I personally am in favor of the current design, however, I want the design to be welcoming to new visitors.

I’ve noticed that I’ve only written one story in these past five months. I’ve started taking writing seriously back in 2014 yet I can count using both hands the number of stories I’ve written since then. I don’t feel comfortable calling myself a writer at this pace; that is why starting now, each month, I will write a new short story.

Have I ever told you that I am glad to have graduated high school? No matter how hard I tried or how much I prepared, I always fell behind because it was too fast paced. In fact, I’m learning that most of what I’ve learned in school is useless. School might have done more damage than good.

The way we do schooling is bad but I must shoulder some of the blame for my failure in school. I never told my teachers that I was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. I wanted to be treated like everyone else; but, despite what I wanted, I needed special treatment. If I received it, I might have graduated from school on time.

I bring this up because I have acknowledged the fact that I was born with ADHD and will continue to face it for the remainder of my life. In response to this, I am taking a new approach to how I create content. Each week, I will work on a different project, that isn’t to say I will be working on a new project each week. Each week, I will alternate projects to keep myself captivated and to ensure projects are completed.

One week I will work on the first draft of To Save a Life. The following week, I will direct my attention to creating content for YouTube.

Before I talk more about my new YouTube channel, I want to address some issues with To Save a Life. I hope I wasn’t fooling anyone when I said that I was going to write and publish To Save a Life before the first half of the year. Perhaps I was trying to fool myself, only it didn’t work. And if anyone reading this are feeling lied to or misled, I am sorry; but don’t leave just yet.

The first draft of the book will be finished by the beginning of July. This new system I’m trying is allowing me to get stuff done, but writing a book is a process of its own. I am still trying to decipher a method that works best for me.

The YouTube channel I am posting on is called Practice Run Studios. Originally, I created this channel as a joke because I thought Practice Run Studios would be a funny name for a studio. Perhaps one day I will fulfill my dream of owning an animation studio named Work-in-Progress Films.

Practice Run STU was created to allow me to go deeper into my creative side. I always wanted to make videos on YouTube and now I am. Currently, I am posting a let’s play of the Sims 3 because that’s a game I play. Later, I plan to post videos of me drawing. I’m not good at drawing, but drawing is something I’ve always wanted to be good at. Perhaps, one day I will fulfill my dream of making animated videos.

Recently, I’ve been posting my study of the book of John. I will continue to do so until I write upon every single chapter and every single verse.

I cannot rush my study, therefore, this series will be posted irregularly, however, I will try to post them every Friday. And you don’t have to worry about me losing focus. Every day, I fast until I sit down and study the Bible for at least an hour. I have developed enough self-control to at least do that.

Remember, every day is a good day because every day is a chance to capitalize on yesterday.