Updates and Announcements 4/26/2017

I’m sorry. I know I was supposed to write this sooner. I’m writing this now to let each one of you know I am not dead, yet. I apologize for my mistake.

There is more cause for which to apologize. This past month and a half I have not posted a single thing; no study of John and no personal journal entry. This blog, writing in general, is important to me on a spiritual level. When my relationship with God isn’t right, I can’t write. That is my excuse, however, I’m writing to you now.

I have been studying the book of John and I want to share with you what I’ve learned thus far. After posting the study of John, I will begin production on my next journal entry.

My school schedule is beginning to lighten up so now I have a little more time to be productive. Be looking for a new post within the next seven days.

Remember, every day is a good day because every day is a chance to capitalize on yesterday.