Updates and Announcements 11/30/2016

How’s it going guys? You may have noticed I’ve made a few changes to the site. I felt it was time to change things around. This site should be as easy as possible to navigate through. If you like the changes or have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below.

Getting down to business, you also may have noticed that I finally published that short story I have been talking about. If you haven’t seen it, click here. It was a bother to write, but I’m glad to give you something to read. Later this week, I will write a post talking about the process of writing it and the thoughts that went into creating it.

Now that my chains are broken, I can chain myself to To Save a Life. I’m so embarrassed to tell you how far behind I am so I won’t tell you. Next week, I will give you an update when I make more progress.

This also means I am one step closer to working on The Walking Dead Fan Fiction. I can’t say I am too excited about that. This isn’t my best work. I made the mistake of thinking Fan Fiction would be easy to write and went into battle without a plan. As a result, I am being creamed. I have completed the next chapter but will only publish it when time allows me to edit it.

Last week, I mentioned that I would work on my schedule. Being a man of his word, I did just that. Now it is looks focused and doable. I’ve been keeping it since Sunday and so far I love it. Everything is in perfect order. From the time I go to bed, wake up, read, work, study my bible and more. According to my schedule, I work 35hrs a week writing for you guys. And for 6hrs and 20min I study the art and business of writing to make your reading and viewing experience better.

As I stated earlier, I plan to give you the grimy details of what went into writing Retired Legend. But that isn’t the only thing I plan to share with you this week. I’m writing a short journal entry about something I read that sparked my interest. Something special to me that I want to share with you. You may have read the first one already. This is a new series I am starting. And it is absolutely doable because I only write them when I have something to say. Nothing I do in private should be so hidden I wouldn’t show it in public. With that in mind, I openly share these personal journal entries hoping you will learn a little bit more about me.

Aside from that, guess who won an award. Technically, I won this award at the end of last month. I was just too blind to see it. You may have noticed that last month, I was participating in a 31 day Twitter challenge. The event host gave each member an award icon. See for yourself:


I’ve recovered most of my lost music now and found a couple of new songs along the way. The only major setback for me now is that I am still far behind. What I mean is I have taken it upon myself to listen to every song on Lucas King’s channel. When I lost my flash drive I was listening to songs he produced 8 months ago. Now I am listening to songs he has produced 2 years ago again. I’ll get there, eventually. Once I do my next target will be the YouTube channel HDSounDI.

You may care or you may not but Code Geass is getting another season. I am going to binge watch every episode when they all come out. I wish I didn’t see this in my YouTube feed, but I did. This is going to be a major source of procrastination.