Personal Journal Entry 1# – The Joy of Writing

There is something special about writing for yourself. It’s poetic in a way. My greatest pieces aren’t written when I have an audience in mind. They are written when what’s being written is personal to me.

As a young writer, I used to struggle for hours figuring out how to write or continue a story. Stories that seemed interesting at the time but became distasteful as I continued writing. All because I wanted to deliver the most interesting and original stories to my readers.

Because I spent months or even years on a story I hated to write I developed writer’s block many times over. Sometimes I took a long break from writing altogether. However, when I am compelled to write a story, it comes out beautifully and they only take several hours.

When I write for myself, there is no stress from trying to please others. Sometimes, I may even become joyful when writing. Tears may even roll. Just thinking about those moments when the universe pause for just a moment so that I may write this piece of art makes me well up in tears of joy. Each time it’s similar. Whenever I see the signs I know magic is in the air. It’s late night, the day was long and I am tired, more than that, I am in a serene state of mind. I’m alone, no music, television, or whispers, all alone. And my mind is buzzing.

As soon as I can get comfortable, I will write for hours on end. Forgetting or ignoring any other obligation until I am finished. And if anyone dares to disturb me they will hear my wrath. Don’t you dare take this moment away from me!

My greatest piece came from one of these special moments. That story won me a trip to Las Vegas. Writing it was like magic. I was dead tired but I couldn’t wait until the morning to finish it. It requested my attention that moment and I couldn’t say no.

As a writer, I understand that these moments are rare and I can’t just wait around until one comes. And it’s crucial that I know who my target audience is and write with them in mind. I need to know who to market my book to and to be able to deliver. Just because most of my writing might not be conceived like magic, that doesn’t mean they cannot be good.

Despite everything, I should never let a wave of creativity to pass me by without taking action. They are too magical to pass up. And I don’t want any more regrets haunting me when I go to bed. Even if I don’t make it as an author, that doesn’t mean I have to give up the joy of writing. Even if I am only writing for myself.