Hannah “Luminous” Zest – After the Pages

Let me just start this off by saying I do not like this story at all. When I began writing this story, I wanted to capture everything from the eyes of Hannah Zest. Once I found her voice, I developed a flow and everything else was history. When I finished writing the first draft, I let a few days pass before rereading what I wrote. From the first paragraph, I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe I was the person who penned this nightmare. I’m a little ashamed.

This story was inspired by watching gameplay of the Sims 4. I’ve been watching lilsimsie build houses and wanted to watch one of her let’s plays’. I decided I would watch her longest let’s play, which is the 100 Baby Challenge. Before I knew what the 100 Baby Challenge was, I began to watch the series. I’m not going to go into the details about what the 100 baby challenge is about, but it’s not good. I managed to watch 50 episodes before eventually pulling the plug. What she put Hannah through, though Hannah isn’t a real person, disgusted me. I wanted to write a tribute to Hannah and it panned out as I should have expected it to.

The challenge was bad, the torture and death of Hannah Zest was bad, and throughout the challenge, lilsimsie kept taking the Lord’s name in vain which is bad. With all of this bad, I should’ve seen that writing this would turn out bad too.

While writing this, I learned that lilsimsie felt bad and brought Hannah back to life, a thing you can do on the Sims. She brought her back from the dead to kill her again. I’m not sure if she went through with killing Hannah the second time; however, what I do know is that Hannah is now the matriarch for the 100 baby challenge.

I feel bad for the person who requested a story with the theme ‘division’. This story doesn’t entirely focus on that theme nor is it a good story. Next month, I will write another story that focuses more on the theme ‘division’. Hopefully, I will enjoy reading it back to myself.

When characterizing Hannah, I took inspiration from the voices of Grey Griffin when she portrayed Azula and Natasha Loring who portrayed Vaylin. I wanted to focus on Grey’s voice but Natasha kept creeping in the back of my head.

The reason I included the second part is the same reason why I addressed the letter to Lily; I didn’t want to separate the two. Lily and Hannah’s story are intertwined in a way. Lily was devastated when Hannah died and had to find a reason to keep living. None of Hannah’s other siblings cared, her mother and father didn’t care. The only person who cared was Lily. That was powerful to me.

Anyway, I’m sorry for failing to do my job. I had one job and I performed it poorly. Next time, the story will be much better.


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