Updates and Announcements 12/14/2016

Warm greetings to you all. This long year will end in only a few weeks. I shouldn’t contemplate on the negative, but a lot has happened this year and I wish I had been able to achieve more. None the less, 2017 shows to be a promising year. I want to spend this session reviewing my plans for the rest of this year and the beginning of the next year.

In an earlier post, I said that next year will be slow due to classes. I regret to inform you that things here are slow now. Writing is a love and a joy but it doesn’t bring in money. I need to earn money to pay, or payoff, necessities such as financial holds, books, and supplies. As long as it keeps snowing I have a paying job.

If you follow me on social media – Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ – you may have seen the post where I said I would be reading the book entitled Achieve What Matters in 2017. As of yesterday, I have completed the book. Based on what I read and the notes that were taken, during the last week of this month, I will be preparing to welcome 2017. I need to be more organized and spend time on worthwhile activities. This coming year, you will see an improved Orlando Gray.

Last year, I posted my resolutions regarding this year. Oh boy. I didn’t do too well. I will be posting the results within the next seven days. After I contemplate more on the resolutions I make for next year, I will post those also.

I’ve been reading my old posts as I said I would. I can see why people didn’t like them. By simply reading them it made me cringe. I am not complete in my task of editing every single post due to delays in my personal life but if editing them will make your reading experience better I will be happy to do so.

Several days ago, I received several emails from a site I used to use. People were reviewing my old stories. Stories I completely forgot I had written. When I get the chance to edit those stories, I will post them here for your reading experience.

This week has been hard on me. Thank you for being here to read these posts. Sharing these with you takes away some of the stress. If you don’t email me I will speak to you again next week.