Do you write great stories? Are you ready to hit publish but need one more objective eye to scan over your masterpiece? Hi, I’m Orlando and I may be just the guy for you. Using my critiquing, proofreading, and editing skills your rough draft will be greatly enhanced.


I will proofread and critique your story

In this service, I will critique 2000 words for as low as 5 dollars. Your story will be carefully edited for spelling and grammar errors. I will give you expert feedback on the condition of your story that will assist you to refine your story.

I am a writer with four badges for critiquing which you can check out here. Allow me to use my expertise to help you.


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I will read your book and give a detailed critique

Why stop at 2000 words when I can review your entire book, analyzing it chapter by chapter. Then, go over it again and critique the book as a whole, in 10 days. Don’t wait, come and see what I have to offer you.


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