2016 Resolution Results

At the end of last year, I posted my goals for this year. There were quite a few of them. This statement, however, sets the tone for the entire post.

Some of them serious, some of them insane, and others I know I’m not going to do.

This sentence was in the introduction. Right away you can see I was not taking my goals seriously. Reading this from a slightly older perspective is both a blessing and a curse. I am glad and thankful for the changes that have taken place in me; nevertheless, I wish I was the person I am now back then.

Avenge the Sith

This was the very first resolution on my list. After reading the reason behind it I realized that this was a critique of the new Star Wars film. It wasn’t even a resolution. Already, the content being shared was irrelevant.

Much of what I wrote was my poor attempts at humor. Aside from that, by reading what I had written, it was obvious that I did not have clearly defined goals. In fact, it seems I was skeptical of some of the goals I was resolved to do.

I refuse to talk about each resolution in depth because of the silliness in each one. This year was a failure for the most part. And I’m glad because of it. Out of failure breeds success.

Some of my more serious resolutions did come true, however. This year I have become a vegan. Sometimes I stumble and I may eat some unhealthy sweats, but I am faithful in abstaining from meat.

One of my resolutions was to launch a new website. Now I only hope I can afford to keep this site.

Learning something new was high on my agenda. This year has been filled with development in all areas. I am learning new things every single day. Sometime in the near future, I do want to marry and have children; I have been learning how to be a good father among other things.

Television has but all been erased from my life. I do sit down every once in a while to watch a seminar or a sermon. But it is rare for me to sit down for hours on end to watch movies, short videos, or standard programming.

Most of my goals, serious or not, were not achieved. None the less, this is an opportunity for growth. The least I can do is grow.